ALL About Me


Robyn first discovered her love for movement as a tap dancer, working under the instruction of Savion Glover. Later, Robyn moved on to become an avid runner and jumper. Robyn discovered yoga, while rehabilitating from multiple sports injuries, due to her physically demanding lifestyle. Robyn loved the way yoga not only allowed her a mental escape from surrounding stressors, but also provided her with a physical challenge that she craved as an athlete. Robyn’s thirst to deepen her yoga practice led her to April Martucci’s teacher training. Robyn fell in love with April’s challenging, yet relaxing style of Vinyassa. In addition, Robyn enjoys being able to share a more vigorous, traditional style of Vinyassa yoga. Robyn creates a non-judgmental environment, where the practitioner can focus, be challenged, let go and be present.




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